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Thriller Pumpkin

October 31, 2009

For Halloween this year, I decided to honor one of our fallen heroes, Michael Jackson.

My coworkers and I needed to carve a pumpkin for a Halloween pumpkin carving contest. We discussed a lot of ideas, like carving a pumpkin to look like the Death Star, but to be honest, the best one of all seemed to be creating a pumpkin design from Thriller. Michael Jackson: Thriller Michael Jackson: Thriller

My contribution was carving the Thriller, the lights, the dry ice and wiring up a speaker to play Thriller. The transfer of Michael was all Paul. If I did it, it never would have looked as creepy.

Sadly we only took second place to someone who carved the Death Star.

If the zombie Michael Jackson rises from the grave, you better figure out which offering you will make to appease him.

Happy Halloween

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