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Myth Hackers: The rest of the story

October 05, 2009

Adobe has released a video called Myth Hackers to dispute the notion the iPhone does not run Adobe Flash. Now I can tell you the rest of the story.

Adobe had a need for a little special effects mastery they could not handle in Premiere. So I showed up with a few people who may want to remain nameless and we help them blow up a few iPhones.

I was all excited to see my handiwork on a viral video, but then I got a big disappointment. Adobe cut all the good scenes!

This included a very nice explosion. This was the small one:
blow up iPhone

We ran one through a blender:
iPhone chopped in blender

We even microwaved one:
iPhone blows up in Microwave

You could imagine our disappointment when Adobe replaced out flash with their obviously fake car blowing up. Seriously guys, we would have been happy to blow up your car!

I don't have the videos, but thankfully I had my iPhone to capture a few glorious moments of destroying perfectly good iPhones.

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