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Ten Books Over $10,000 on Amazon

September 24, 2009

One day I ran across a book on Amazon on How to make your own Meth. At first I was amazed that such a book would be available at all, but I guess it is a free country, so technically it can be published. I thought it might be a rather quirky addition to my cookbook collection and get a laugh from anyone perusing my book collection, so I went to click the BUY IT NOW button and I was rather shocked to see the book sold for $995.00.

I decided I might move that one to my Amazon Wish List and let someone else spring for the book instead.

In this age where print is supposed to be dead, book stores are closing and the dawning of the age where books will require batteries, it made me wonder what were the most expensive books on Amazon. Here are ten books priced over $10,000.

Kansas Environmental Law Handbook (Paperback)
by Gage and Tucker Staff

Why is environmental law so expensive? Because you have to buy this book might be one reason.

Written by Gage and Tucker, one of the nation's leading environmental law firms, this handbook provides concise, easy-to-understand explanations of your state compliance obligations, from like 15 years ago. This book will give you complete coverage of hazardous and solid waste disposal; air, water, and natural resources regulations; the state organizational structure; required permits and reports; the relationship between federal and state regulations; and more. As far as I can tell, more does not include something useful like a Bentley.

Fish Food: Teach Us To Fish Lord (Paperback)
by Frank Niezgoda

"Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime" -- Lao Tzu

Fish Food is intended to reach and touch people in a simple way, by emptying out their checking account. Each teaching and story is intended to inspire and stir up spirits and for this price, it better stir up spirits! This could be the most expensive book available to help you be hooked on Jesus!

For you bargain hunters, this book is also available used for only $99,999.99. Hurry! Only one left!

So It Is but Is It So: What We Read Is About 80 Percent Believable and 20 Percent Unbelievable (Paperback)
by William Ferguson

The unbelievable price is that someone, anyone might think about buying a 45 page book with such an annoyingly dumb title.

The Book of Mormon - Nauvoo 1840 - Red Leather (Leather Bound)
by Joseph Smith Jr. (Translator)
This edition of the Book of Mormon was the last edition printed with changes by Joseph Smith. It's very rare, red and ooo laa laa, bound in red leather!

I could not see if the book was signed by the author, but I am sure it will come with a thank-you note by the seller.


Chuck Norris 2009 Calendar
by Trends

Finally, a product totally worthy of the cover price. Even though this is not a book, I have to include it because it's book-like and if I refuse, Chuck Norris might kick my a$$.

Be forewarned this is a calendar for 2009 and that year is rapidly approaching it's end. So what you are buying is really part of the legend of Chuck Norris. Look out Joseph Smith, this item will be worth more than all of your used books before the end of the next decade.

Book of Commandments - 1833 - Single Leaf - In Clam Shell Box (Paperback)
by Joseph Smith Jr.

I'm not sure one page counts as a book -- come to think about it, thats nothing more than a leaflet. Then again there's only 10 commandments, so how long could a book realistically run in the first place? The answer is actually 160 pages, according to the 1972 addition of the book (available for only $12.49). However, less than 30 full copies of the Book of Commandments were published and one copy of this book supposedly sold for over $1 million dollars.

This a single leaf of paper in a green leather book and a green clam shell box.


From the Library of George Q. Cannon - Book of Mormon 1841 - Journal of Discourses 1859 (Books owned by George Q. Cannon in clam shell box) (Leather Bound)

by John R. Park (Editor)
Joseph Smith Jr. (Translator)

I had no idea that the most expensive books available on Amazon would end up being religious books about from Joseph Smith. You would think other religious leaders of the same time frame might have books in a similar price range, but we didn't find a single book from the Dali Llama, Ghandi or even L Ron Hubbard.

This really counts as two books, but I suppose the seller isn't going to break up a collection. This item is two unique early Mormon Volumes owned personally by Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon, uniquely placed in a clam shell box. It would look fabulous on any book shelf, but since these books together cost more than my house, I think I'm going to have to pass, unless someone wants to send them to me. I promise to read them.

The Book of Blasphemy
by Bob Hewett (Author)

I am sure a book like this would actually fit into a book case right next to the rest of these books and right below the Chuck Norris calendar.

The book triggered two days of rioting in Egypt and features illustrations by Lucas Hewett (yeah, we never heard of him either).

Travels to the Source of the Missouri River and Across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean. Performed by Order of the Government of the United States, in the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806
by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Originally published in 1814 by LONGMAN HURST REES ORME, this book covers the amazing journey of Lewis & Clark, which helped the fledgling United States expand to fulfill its manifest destiny.

by Esty

Intended as a bridge from high school Algebra II and trigonometry to college calculus, Warren Esty's Precalculus Concepts fills the need for a text that delves deeper into the power of algebra and algebraic notation than the usual texts that emphasize calculation skills. The text includes the usual precalculus material, such as functions, powers, polynomials, logarithms, exponentials, and trigonometry, while placing special emphasis on learning how to read and use mathematical symbolism. It also illustrates the future price range for all academic textbooks.

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