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Sand by the Ton Preview

July 07, 2009

There is a giant party in Oakland this weekend and I have some advance photos of some of the fun.

Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito are transforming a 250,000 foot warehouse into a giant beach party called Sand by the Ton. They are bringing in a bunch of bands like The Mutaytor, The Mermen, Extra Action Marching Band, Vau De Vire Society and groups like Opulent Temple, False Profit Labs, Kinetic Steam Works, Cyclecide, Flaming Lotus and a lot more.

sand castle

Since the party has a beach theme, what could be better than building a bordello?

Swimming Pools

There's five Swimming pools. I'm going to do my best to cannon ball all the water out of one of them.

Giant Fire Art

Dan is setting up some of his giant fire art sculptures as well.

Picto Tit

There's a boardwalk with thrilling games and unusual ideas such as Picto Tit and the Grope a Klown box.

Grope a Klown

For more information, check out

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