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Little Drummer Boy Game

December 04, 2008

My friends and I have started the 2008 version of The Little Drummer Boy Game.

The concept is simple. Between now and December 25, avoid hearing the song, "The Little Drummer Boy".

The rules are simple. Once you hear the song, you're out of the game. That doesn't sound difficult at all.

Until you realize how overplayed this song has become. It's everywhere. It seems you can't escape it. This time of year everyone plays Christmas music and the ugly truth is, we all hate hearing it because it is so overplayed. It's in malls, chain stores, grocery stores, mini marts, it's on the radio, it's on call waiting, it's in restaurants. It's almost unavoidable.

What is the reward for going the full Christmas season without hearing "The Little Drummer Boy"?

You get your sanity back.

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