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Despite all her rage, she is still just a squirrel in a cage

September 29, 2008

I finally caught the squirrel that has been devastating my yard! She's trapped in a Have a Heart Trap and boy is she is pissed off!

Squirrel in a cage

This squirrel has been attacking my yard. She bit the buds off my sunflowers, so they never produced a flower. I would not have minded if she ate the seeds, but when she attacked the sunflowers, they never even flower. She ate all of my corn before I was able to harvest a single ear. She was pooing in my tomato planter, peeing on my dahlias and now she's cooling her heels in a cage.

For a week now she has been taking food out of the trap without springing it, so I have been assuming that I would never catch her. But last night I re-filled the trap and set it with a hair trigger.

Today, I have redneck dinner.

My plan is revenge. I am going to release her in a Wal-Mart near San Francisco and let her fend for herself as payback for attacking my yard. Maybe I could put a price tag on her and return her as a defective toy.

Squirrel in a cage

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