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How To Properly Kill a Mouse

June 13, 2008

The following might disturb some people, so please, read no further if the idea of little mousies meeting a dark end to their lives. But this is a sure-fire way to kill a mouse. I am doing this for a friend.

Purchase a Victor rat trap. I know you said you have a mouse, but the latest Victor Mouse traps are kind of junky. The older ones with a wood back and metal bits work fine, but the new plastic ones I avoid.

The trap will look like this:
Victor Rat Trap

To properly bait the trap, take Gallo salami or similarly greasy, smelly summer sausage style meat and place it in the triangular piece on the metal tab. This is the underside. Smear the salami into this area. If the metal tab comes with a rounded little barrel thing, all the better! Smear in the salami there as well. See diagram below.

How to bait a mouse trap

Next, set the trap.

Pull the wire jaw back to the opposite side of the trap and use the metal bale to hold it back in place. You do this by flipping the metal tab over so it's facing towards the rat image and then placing the metal bale in the little hole thing. My suggestion is to make the metal hole thing barely hold in place so that the simplest vibration sets off the trap.

It hurts when the trap springs on your fingers, so once the jaw is set, handle the trap on the edges or move it in place with a wooden spoon.

Figure out where the mouse is coming into the home. There should be some hole or recess the mouse is using for a hiding place. Slide the trap into the void as much as possible so it has room to spring, but blocks the path of the mouse. The trap should be set with the bait side toward the hole. Mice love to run along walls and hide in dark places, so if nothing else, place it there.

Mice and rats LOVE the smell of the meat products. By hiding the meat it in hard-to-reach places, and limiting the quantity, they are forced to venture into the trap. Because the bait is underneath the metal tab, they have to put their little mousy heads under the tab, which takes them a half second longer to pull away. When the trap is sprung, the mouse dies instantly.

In less than 24 hours, the trap should look like this:

To dispose of the mouse, pick up the trap with a gloved hand and throw it away. You could re-use it, but chances are you'll be too squeamish.

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