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Phil Teller threatens to sue me

June 02, 2008

Phil Teller is at it again. This time Phil is making more threats to sue me for making a post about an interaction we had earlier this year.

Phil Teller is an art car enthusiast from Redmond, Washington who also attends Burning Man. He is worried that his construction / remodeling business will somehow suffer from my earlier posts.

This is the letter he sent:

Good Morning Wally,

I want to follow up on our earlier communications. I see that your post is still up, and I canít have my customers doing a Google search on me and finding this title. It is damaging to my business. It is also NOT protected speech. That makes it criminal. I absolutely have a case against you for publishing it as the facts portrayed are not true and I have documentation to prove that. So here is what we can do as I see it:

You can bring the post down and we can go away as friends.

We could compromise and you could leave your post in place if you change the tile line so as not to further damage my personal credibility and I wonít have to drag you into court.

You could do nothing and I will turn the case over to my attorney who has stated in writing that he will accept the case on a contingency basis and believes he can win a substantial settlement in court based on precedent alone. He intends to ask for $50,000.00 and expects to settle for $15,000.00 which is a normal settlement in a libel case.

As you know, this matter will NOT go away. I will take immediate action, I have little patience when it comes to protecting my reputation in the eyes of my customers. I make my living doing this, and can absolutely prove damages.

It is my desire to maintain our long friendship and to chalk this one up to other peopleís irresponsibility . If the matter had been handled from here, or had even been responsibly responded to you and I would not be having this conversation.

Let me know what you want to do, I need to move forward on this pretty quickly to get it resolved. With a timely response, I can proceed as early as today.

Keep me advised.


Phil likes to push our friendship angle. In the past years while attending Burning Man, his daughter had car issues and contacted me since she knew I was a reliable, dependable person. Each time she contacted me and I personally contacted Phil to let him know his daughter was in trouble. When he was unable to tow back his own trailer from Burning Man, I stepped forward and had the trailer repaired, at my own expense, I towed the trailer home, even though it was falling apart due to shoddy construction. I do not understand why Phil Teller, who knows I am a compassionate, reasonable person would continue to act this way to someone who has helped him out time and time again.

I have offered to change the facts if he can show I was incorrect and I have offered to remove the original post if he settles the outstanding towing bill.

However, in the interest of fairness, I would like to state that If you are a customer or a potential customer who is looking to use Phil Teller to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, please be advised that nothing I have written about should be a reflection on the quality of craftsmanship he puts into a remodeling project.

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