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The Worst Music Album Promo Ever

October 24, 2006

One of the saddest realities of the music business is that there are some unbelievably talented people out there who never get their due. For every Ashlee simpson who is out on the airwaves stinking shit up and dumbing down music, there are a 1,000 people who have interesting lyrics, amazing vocals who never go anywhere.

This person, is not one of those people.

In order to have a gem in the rough, you need to have a lot of rough and this could be the worst rough I have ever heard.

It seems I know a lot of freaks and as much as it pains me to admit it, I know this one as well. Jesterstar, sometimes known as Ryan, is a man who freely admits he talks to demons. Those voices directed him to record and album in the basement of an old house. Apparently, the voices also told him to let a guy named Hitch promote the album.

This is that promo:

Listen to it. I know it's terrible, but it's the kind of terrible where you realize that tens of hours were invested to make things this bad and you can't help but wonder what they were thinking?

Jesterstar's first album goes on sale October 31st. I don't know where it's going on sale and I don't even want to know where it's going on sale. But you need to listen to this track anyway. Because I think it's a warning that the demons are taking over and they have no musical taste.

This is what he looks like!

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