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Sweet Love

September 18, 2006

For the last year, I have been haunted by Anita Baker.

It started on my trip to London. I was in the airport lounge when suddenly, "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker started playing. It wasn't a bad thing, it kind of fit the lounge in some way and really, I was busy settling into a two week stretch of fun, so what was one song.

Then I got on the plane and it was the song playing on the playlist. Every time I would roam the dials, it would pop up with way more frequency than I would have thought was normal.

Out of the plane and into the taxi and Sweet Love is playing again.

This is just a tad weird, since there is no connection between the cab and the airline.

Once again at the Hotel, the song was playing yet again.

"Sweet Love" by Anita Baker is the first track off her album, "Rapture". It was released in 1987 and won a Grammy for Best R&B Song.

Now the song has become a bit of a unintentional background soundtrack. I hear the song everywhere. I listen for other songs, but this is the one I will hear in the strangest places in the background. In traffic as a car goes by, in a camp at Burning Man, out of a car in the Donner Pass Rest Stop, it's everywhere.

What I really want to know is, why this song? Why not Johnny Cash? How about Trent Reznor? I might even take a song that was recorded in the last 20 years.

I don't know how long Anita is going to haunt me, but I have accepted it for now in hopes that it will bring me to a new level of understanding of life, the universe and everything.

And I thank my lucky stars it's not "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy.

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