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The Pot Lolly Warehouse

April 25, 2006

On March 17, 2006, FBI agents raided a warehouse in Emeryville, California (Oakland) which was making marijuana candy.

The warehouse made candies such as lolly pops (Tok-a-cola), Pot Tarts, Rasta Reeces and many other treats. Generally, I wouldn't even write about something like this, except that my friends who live next door got quite a surprise that morning. Imagine waking up and finding 60 FBI and DEA agents surrounding your building with guns drawn and a bad attitude all the way around. Things like this will most likely make you late for work, but imagine calling your boss and saying, "I'm going to be late today. The FBI has my building surrounded. I think I might be in by lunch or sometime next week."
Pot Lolly Warehouse
One thing I found rather interesting is what the DEA did to the steel door. If you notice in the picture, there is a big upside down "V" on the door. The DEA sliced right through the steel roll up door. They didn't bother with the adjoining door, they just cut right through the steel really fast. Which just goes to show a steel roll up door isn't going to stop someone with an agenda.
DEA sliced through door

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