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My visit to Kimbolton Fireworks

January 25, 2006

Today I went to visit Kimbolton Fireworks in London to pick up fireworks for my show. It was the most amazing experience I have had in the pyro world.

Kimbolton has won nearly every award in fireworks that you would dream of winning. In fact, they have won awards you can only enter into winning by winning a previous tournament. It's like an Olympic game that is only open to people who have won a gold medal in the Olympics.

For starters, they have a factory that will create almost any type of pryotechnic device you have in mind. It's a wet dream come true. The nice thing is that everyone from the top guy, Ron Lancaster on down to the lowliest people are very nice. I'm sure at one time or another you have heard the expression, "that guy wrote the book on fireworks." Well Ron Lancaster quite literally wrote the book on fireworks. It's called, "Fireworks" and it's in it's 4th Edition.

In fact, one guy I was chatting with who was our assistant is the pyro that shot shows such as the 1997 Hong Kong handover, the 800th anniversary of London and the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. We didn't know any of this until we got there. Imagine showing up for a lesson in Buddhism and finding out your kindly, old teacher was the Dali Llama himself. That is what it was like.

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