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Pyro Boy Live On Upcoming UK TV Show

January 17, 2006

Now it can be told. Wally Glenn, aka Pyro Boy will be live on Channel 4 UK performing for an TV special! I am very thrilled by all of this.

Man to be 'hanged' for TV stunt

A stunt appearing to show a man being hanged will be broadcast on Channel 4's digital channel E4.

New series Death-Wish Live! will broadcast the stunt with a short time delay in case it goes wrong.

Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin will also bury himself alive [b]and a stuntman will become "a human firework" on the show.[/b]

"Never before have viewers had the chance to see such risky business played out right in front of their eyes," a Channel 4 spokeswoman said.

The channel said the stunts would be "daring and dangerous" and would be rated by a judging panel.

The series will also feature a duo called The Pain Men being bitten by rats and submerging their heads in tanks of jellyfish.

Meanwhile US performer Zamora the Torture King will lie on a bed of nails while a heavy vehicle drives over him.

Series producer Anthony Owen told industry magazine Broadcast: "I suspect there are people who will think it's controversial, but that's obviously what the channel is after."

Death-Wish Live! will be broadcast over five nights from 30 January.

For more information, check out:

BBC Article

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