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Another Anti-Gay Homosexual Gets Outed

January 07, 2006

I am starting to believe that anyone who crusades against gay people or gay rights is in reality a closeted, self-loathing homosexual. It doesn't make sense to me, but it seems that every time we see a person who campaigns against gay rights turns out to be gay.

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Reverend Lonnie Latham was the senior pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church, a Director of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) and on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He was arrested for soliciting a gay male prostitute outside of a hotel who just happened to be an undercover police officer. That hotel was the Habanna Inn, which describes itself on its website as, "the Southwest's Largest Gay Resort." which describes it's location as the heart of "Oklahoma City's gay district". Police say the hotel and surrounding area is often complained about by locals for the presence of male prostitutes flagging down passing cars.

Lonnie says, "I was set up. I was in the area pastoring..." The police say he allegedly asked the officer to return to his room and engage in oral sex. Now I ask you, when was the last time you heard of a pastor preaching by renting a room in an openly gay hotel? It seems that Lonnie has a history of cruising that hotel. He was ticketed in 1998 for failing to stop at a stop sign in 1998.

Exactly how was this sting operation against poor Lonnie conceived? Was there two officers sitting in a squad car watching the hotel just happened to notice a preacher who was talking to gay male prostitutes and said, "say, isn't that Rev. Lonnie Latham? The anti-gay preacher talking to gay prostitutes trying to save them and get them off the streets to lead a christian lifestyle? I have an idea. Why don't I go under cover and pretend to be a gay prostitutes. I'll wear this wiretap and try to get the Lonnie to say something that sounds like he is propositioning me so we can arrest him and make him look like a fool!"

By the way, both his congregation and the BCGO believed his story so strongly that they forced him to resign on January 5-6, 2006. The Southern Baptist Convention has removed his name from their site.

Recently in Washington State, we have seen former Spokane Mayor Jim West outted for cruising for gay men on a Web site and offering them high paying jobs with the city of Spokane. Jobs like Personnel Director, the Director of the Human Rights Commission and Aquatics Director for swimming pools for the city of Spokane. Before he was elected Mayor of Spokane, Jim West, a longtime Republican lawmaker and Boy Scout executive, campaigned heavily to pass anti-gay marriage laws in Washington State.

And it goes on.

I now firmly believe that anyone who protests against gay marriage is in the closet about their own homosexuality and has a self-loathing issue about it. As an example, Pat Robertson would have to be gay. It would make sense, considering the fact he's also fits the description of a terrorist. He has recently called for the bombing of the State Department in Washington DC, he has called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez and he claims that Ariel Sharon's recent stroke was retribution by god for dividing Israel. I think Pat meant giving control of the Gaza Strip to Palestinians and not the huge wall Israel has been building to act as an updated version of the Iron Wall that used to divide Berlin. If you or I were to openly call for a nuclear bomb to be set off at the State Department, you would be arrested just like Jose Padilla, bit for some unfathomable reason unknown to me, Pat Robertson is a free man. Would it be so hard to believe that Pat Robertson is a closeted gay man?

I am talking about this because it is high time we Americans realize that people who are attempting to restrict our rights and take away our civil liberties are not doing it for the benefit of our nation, they are doing it because they hate themselves. They hate the fact they cannot come to terms with who they are and instead of going to counseling or being honest with themselves, they are pushing to create laws to screw up there's of our lives instead. We need to start outting these people before they do any more serious damage to our civil liberties and our self-respect. If you meet someone who tells you gay marriage is bad, ask them how long they have known they were gay. If they deny it, claim they are in denial. Keep hammering on them. Its time for these bastards to scurry back to whatever cockroach hole they prefer the rest of us hide in so we can get on with other serious problems facing this country, like tax-cut and spend Republicans who spend hundreds of billions of dollars more than the taxes they allow, yet find a way to blame the Democrats.

This has to stop.

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