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December 18, 2005

Hello Campers!

I would like to remind you to back up your computer files. Now.

I start harping about this every year about this time. I like to remind people to take all of the files that are important to them and back them up to a CD, an external drive, whatever it is that you like to use, just do it now.

It's really easy, it's really fast and you will never kick yourself because you backed up your files.

Do you have a CD Burner?

Drag any file you think is really critical and burn it.

As usual, there are stories that prompted me to issue the warning, but those details are not as important. The moral of the stories are fairly simple, two good-looking, smart people just like yourself had a hard drive crash. One had a current back-up and will be fine. The other had only a partial back-up. When the bearings went south on their HD rendering it useless, they found themselves in a panic.

You my friend, do not need to panic. Because after you read this, you will reach over to that huge stack of blank CDs next to you and start burning your important files onto a CD. Then you will label them and put them aside for safe keeping.

If a crash happens in the near future, you will be relieved because you had a recent back-up of your data.

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