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My friends are weirder than yours

December 16, 2005

My friends are not only weirder than yours, we have way more fun.

That is unless you happen to be a friend of mine, then you are right now laughing in agreement. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

I have a friend of mine who a member of the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Actually, I know more than one of them. We like to do fun things like things like go camping together. The Sisters are a group of mostly gay men that run around dressed as nuns and raise money for charity. But I digress.

So this friend reviews porn films for a San Francisco paper. The latest movie uh, she was given to review is called, "Cirque Noir". In the cast just happens to be Ouchy The Clown and the Porn Clown Posse.

So the question circulating through our friendship base is this: "is it wrong for the reviewer to jack off to his male friend in a video review? Or should my friend pass from reviewing the film on the ethical grounds of knowing the people featured in the porn?"

Or is the whole concept of ethics and porn just too ridiculous to even discuss without laughing?

And this is why my friends are weirder than yours and are having way more fun than you are having right now. Because how many people do you know who review porn films or make porn films?

Reviewing or starring in porn is simply something my friends do. It's not what defines us, it's just an aspect of our lives, much like most people would not define themselves as golfers, it's just something they like to do.

What defines us as weird is the fact that the average person would be freaked out by the first link. The second one would cause them to clutch their pearls and scramble to close the Web page before someone saw what was on there. And to us, it's all part of our lives and not something we think about. We think life is about living, about experiences and we live life to it's fullest.

Thats what makes us weird and why we are having way more fun than you are having right now.

Live. Do. Dream.

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