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El Kabong

November 19, 2005

Lately I have been thinking of El Kabong, one of the tried and true heros of the wild West.

He was better known as Quick Draw McGraw, and he was always a hero you could count on. He was never good with the ladies, he was never very sophisticated, but he was a true lawman in the spirit of the Western.

In fact, his day job was of all things the Sheriff and also the Marshal. Either job would make him a hero in most people's books. But that was not enough for Quick Draw McGraw. He went further. He pushed the envelope. He developed a secret alter-ego to battle with the criminal element. He didn't use spider webs, nuclear breath or even super strength. He dispatched evil-doers with an acoustical guitar.

Zorro had nothing on El Kabong.

But sadly, we seem to have forgotten El Kabong. Right now our nation is looking for a hero. Someone who we can count on to save the stagecoach, rescue the girl and perhaps bring the troops home, balance the budget and make this country great again.

Thats why I am pushing to resurrect the memory of El Kabong.

Heck, he couldn't do worse than our current leadership.

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