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Making Money on Evil Pranks

November 08, 2005

I just made money on someone else misery!

As a way to display images so I can illustrate a prank and not face a Cease and Desist for using unauthorized images, I put Amazon links to a lot of things on my pages so I can use the images on my Web site. A lot of companies do not really want to be promoted in this way, but it's hard to say anything when they sign an agreement authorizing it with Amazon.

One of the evil pranks I list is to pour Alaska Fish Fertilizer into the air intake on a car ( The smell, even with the deodorized stuff permeates the entire car. You can't get rid of the stink.

Somebody bought a gallon!

I mean holy crap! Someone actually bought a gallon of evil-smelling fish guts with the stated purpose of ruining someone's car.

And I made money on the deal!

Every time you click on an Amazon image on my site and you buy something on, I get a small cut. It's not much, but it's a cut. So I have actually made money on an evil prank where someone will inflict terrible damage to someone else's property.

What a country!

What a great scam!

This is not the first time this has happened. I have sold a number of CDs of wolves in the wild calling to one another. This really freaks out with dogs and drives them nuts. But this really seems wrong. This really seems mean-spirited. This really...warms my heart.

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