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The MySpace Personals

November 02, 2005

Cruising the personals on is a painful experience. It's not something you should do if you are actually looking for someone to date.

You see, there's a lot of bitter 23 year olds out there and they post in the Women Seeking Men section with titles like, "Is there any decent men out there?" The answer to that question is yes, there are decent men out there. But you, the bitter, disappointed 23 year old are still looking for an impossible combination of guy. You'll either figure it out or you will become even more bitter and angry and one day will find yourself lonely at 36 with nothing but four cats or four birds as pets, wondering the same questions, but now your personality is tainted by your emotional baggage, your beauty is falling as fast as your breasts, sinking to your ever-growing hips which are not going to get any smaller camped in front of the TV all night watching Law & Order, Stargate or whatever show you obsess on.

But I am not here to talk about my ex-girlfriends, I am here to talk about an even greater evil.


In this case, Christians spamming for god in the personals.

Meet Teresa, although I seriously doubt that is her name since she also goes by Thats a good indication that she is not here to meet friends and be part of MySpace, it means she's only here to promote an agenda.

Her agenda: Spamming personals to promote her Christian Dating Service.

What kind of soul-less bitch would spam the personals to promote their religion?

If your religion sucks so much that you do not have people naturally walking into the doors of your church without resorting to tricks or back-handed tactics, board up your church, burn it down and save yourself a lot of time and wasted energy. When you start resorting to spam to attract the weak-minded, you've passed into a zone of desperation that will pull you even lower than you are now. You'll blame your failures on Satan without realizing it was your own narrow-mindedness that brought you to this point.

I mean seriously, any congregation of friends should seem so welcoming and fun that it's a group of friends first and a church second. You should never need to attract people. And if you need to attract people, you should take a serious look at what is so messed up that people stay away.

In case you think I am just some bitter person who is always looking for a way to keep the Christian Woman down, lets look at Theresa's MySpace page, shall we? You can see it for yourself at:

Teresa's Blurbs:

About me:
I love Jesus,serve Him only,and am sold out for Him. What is life w/o Him?

Is anyone even mildly intrigued or horny after her bio?

This is the caliber of women you can expect to find on Teresa's Christian dating site. Someone who will put you a distant second in a relationship, someone who is photographed with what looks like their husband or pastor and someone who has no punctuation skills and cannot format a coherent sentence.

Oh but wait, it gets worse! I visited her site to see what it would look like and I swear this is on the front page:

Unlike Some Other Leading Sites... - we don't spam - we don't sell your private info - our members are real people!

We already know one and three are bullshit, one has to wonder what kind of junk mail you will get if you signed up!

I'll take being alone over this crap any day of the week.

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