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Embarrassing Testimonials for Enzara

November 01, 2005

Occasionally, I run across some pages that come up linked to my site that simply defy explanation. I look at the pages and I wonder who in their right mind came up with the concept? It's one of those things that seem wrong, wrong wrong no matter how you try to justify it.

That is how I feel about the Web page for Enzara.

Enzara is a product that eliminates smelly, fishy vaginal odor. I know this because it has ads that link to one of my evil Web pages that describes how to make a car reek of the odor of stale, smelly fish guts.

First off, let me say that any woman who has a problem with vaginal odor should find a cure. I have no problem with the fact that a product like Enzara exists. I have no issues with the fact that people who have a problem like this could be suffering with some unbelievable amount of humiliation and nobody should go through that. I am happy a product like this exists and that apparently, it works. If you have this issue, please go to a doctor and look for a solution. You owe it to yourself.

But must the Web page be so unbelievably embarrassing?

If you visit the page, you will find that it contains testimonials from women all around the US. Not only does it have a testimonial on how Enzara helped them, but it contains their photo, their first name, in some cases, their last name and the town where they live!

Who wants to be known as the woman in town who used to have a stinky vagina?

I mean seriously, how much money did Enzara pay these women to not only get a cure, but to publicly humiliate themselves as well? What was going through the mind of Kathleen Arnez, who not only put her full name, her photo, but the fact she is a branch manager of a bank?

I am happy all of these women found a cure, I just want to know how much is public humiliation worth? Are we talking $1,000.00? $5,000.00? Or maybe $25,000.00? The reason I want to know is that for the right price, I am willing to do a public testimonial for just about any embarrassing product. Whether it's my smelly vagina, my chronic halitosis or my uncontrollable stinky farts.

It's not that I am desperate, mind you. I am just willing to consider the options. I mean really, look around you. I put my name on this Web site. And I have a bit of a fireworks fetish. How much worse could it be to claim I have smelly body odor and I fart too much?

If you have a product that needs endorsing, I may be your man. Contact me and lets discuss the terms.

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