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The $8,000.00 Cat

October 21, 2005

Today I spent an afternoon in San Francisco socializing with my friend Brigitte and her $8,000.00 cat. That's right, one cat which you can purchase for the price of $8,000.00.

To be fair, I should mention that not all the cats are $8,000.00. Thats just for one of the, she also has cats available for $4,000, $6,000, even one male who is available right now for the incredible low price of $2500.00.

Now I am sure you are asking youself, HAS SOMEONE TAKEN A LEAVE OF THEIR SENSES? WHAT KIND OF CAT IS WORTH $8,000.00?

This kind:


The breed of cat is called a Savannah. It's a cross between an African Serval cat (like a very big bobcat) and a domestic house cat. They are very big, they jump very high, they are intelligent, soft, have a pleasant disposition and are really expensive!

The price comes from the fact that it is a very distinctive and unique new breed. For that price, you get a cat that chases cat toys faster than you can believe. You get a cat that loves to play in the water. You also get a cat that will be the only one in the city. Unless you happen to live in San Francisco, where there are at least 8 of them.

If you mind works like mine, you might be thinking the same thing I am. How many people would pay $8,000 for a cat?

Enough people that there is a waiting list.

Now you might be wondering the same thing I did. Who in their right mind pays $4,000, $6,000 even $8,000.00 for a cat? People who want to show cats as a hobby or job. It's a weird group of people that would willingly pay $8,000 for a cat. Much like it's a weird group of people that race demolition derby for fun or light their bodies on fire.

For more information on Savannahs, check out:

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