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October 16, 2005

Ladies and Gentleman, I come to you to ask for a favor.

I know many of you come here to this Web site for a little inspiration for a prank or for a chance to unwind and get away from your problems. Tens of thousands of people visit this site every day and I appreciate it. I am hoping I can inject a little reality on you in hopes you might find it in your heart to help people devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

I have heard terms bantered about like, "Donor Fatigue", but this isn't saving whales, this is saving real people. People who lost everything. People who would help you. People who are just like you. In fact, it could be you. Here's an example of how bad it is. Go into your kitchen right now and turn on the water. See that water coming out of the faucet? There are tens of thousands of people who still cannot do that because the water still isn't on.

Summer is over, fall is here and there are tens of thousands of people who are still without a home. Still without a shelter, still without a job. It's getting colder now, rain is coming and these people really, really need help.

Your Planet Wally connection to this disaster is my good friend Amani Loutfy. She lives in Seattle and she did 15 days of work in Mississippi, a state she has no family, no connection, to volunteer to help people. She's heading back and she needs help. She is setting up shelters for people with no shelter. Her words are more effective than mine and she has written plenty in her Web site at:

If you have a dollar or two you can send to Amani, it will go to people who really need help. People who live in the United States who are finding that the worst disaster in American history has wiped them out and the government has simply not been able to help everyone.

Send a dollar, ten dollars, anything you can spare to Amani through PayPal. It's easy, it will go to actually helping people. maybe you wanted to go and help with the relief but couldn't leave your house, your job, your life. But Amani can and is helping people. Let her be your conduit to help people you may not know, but you'd buy them a beer if you met them at a bar. You can't do that, because there's not even bar to drink at right now.

Do what you can to help.

- Wally Glenn

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