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Happy Canada Day

July 01, 2005

Today is Canada Day.

Today Canadians all over Canada and beyond celebrate Canada Day. It's not really an Independence Day like Independence Day in the US, or Syttende mai in Norway, because Canada isn't really independent. It still has the Queen of England on it's money and I don't think it's because nobody is as photogenic, I'm guessing they do it because otherwise everyone would fight to see who gets on the dollar and knowing Canadian humor it very well might end up being Red Green.

I mean this is how bad it is, they actually stick a bird on their dollar and call it a Looney. Instead of having something sensible on the dollar like Susan B Anthony or an Indian chick, they have a bird. And the dollar isn't even on paper, it's a coin. And it's not even worth a dollar.

Or take a look at their money. This is a tip Canada is up to something weird. They have a two dollar coin as well. You don't just find them at the racetrack like here in the US, they have them everywhere. They call it a Twoney. So they have two birds on the coin? No. Do they have Porky Pig on the coin? No. They don't even spell tune the right way. Instead they put a bear on the coin. Yeah, a bear. Isn't that the official California animal? Was the moose not weird enough?

I do not want to sound anti-Canadian, because I love Canada. It's so weird you have to love it. In the US, we are still criminalizing pot and Canada is legalizing it. Why? Just to be weird I think. How else can you explain why they celebrate the birthday of the Queen of England, which is another country I might add, on a day that isn't even her real birth date.

Another quirky fun completely Canadian thing is a chain store called, Canadian Tire. With a name like that, you'd think it's the perfect place to buy tires. But when I have shopped there, it seems I can find just about everything except tires. Try to get a tire for a shopping cart there. Or just one for the go-cart. You'll walk away empty-handed...unless you take one off one of their shopping carts.

Then there is their national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, better known as the Mounties. They say they always get their man and this one of the reasons I never want to be pulled over by someone called a Mountie. Well, not without a video camera and a release form...

Happy Birthday Canada from a big fan just below the 47th parallel.

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