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The Jedi Attorney

May 15, 2005

Recently I was driving along minding my own business when I ran across the Jedi Attorney. Thank goodness it wasn't in court, it was on the mean streets of Seattle.


For those of you without Jedi eyesight, the The license plate frame says, "Your Force For Justice".

This is what depresses me is that some poor bastard will show up in court with a Jedi Lawyer defending him. For all I know, the Jedi Attorney, Esq might be a brilliant lawyer. He could very well be the kind of attorney that others discount until it's too late. The kind of attorney that lives up to the image of the stereotypical TV attorney that does whatever it takes to defend his client and win the case.

However, his Web site is currently not functioning, so all that advertising for on the back of the Bimmer is kind of wasted.

It's taking the joke too far to besmirch his attorney powers just because he has a memorable license plate. All I know is that if someone he defends loses their case or the client feels they were not fairly represented, there is some good news.

All they have to do is show this photo and say, "Your honor, I present you with my former attorney's license plate."

After that, the case is sure to be dismissed and set for retrial. If for no other reason than the mere thought of Episode I. That's enough to make anyone rethink getting a license plate like JEDI-ESQ in the first place.

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