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Dave Chappelle in the Loony Bin?

May 13, 2005

There have been all sorts of news reports that Dave Chappelle, host of the very funny Dave Chappelle show, checked into a psychiatric facility in South Africa.

Last year, Dave's outstanding comedy show was nominated for three Emmys, including outstanding comedy series. He also signed a $50 million dollar contract with Comedy Central for a third & fourth year of his series. He had run into some issue with Comedy Central looking to dictate the direction of the show, which naturally would drive just about anyone nuts. Plus he has to be feeling pressure from the desire to make sure that any future shows compare to or beat the first two seasons and that has to be a lot of pressure right there.

I have mixed feelings about writing this. I'm not much of a rumor monger. I don't want to report on salacious rumors about celebrities. If Dave is having health problems, the healthy thing to is seek treatment and I wish him all the best. But if he has to be in a psychiatric facility, my only wish is that it is for one reason.

Dave was driven crazy by all of the people who keep yammering out, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

Surely you have heard these people. They are the ones that take a perfectly funny comedy bit and run it into the ground so far that it ceases to be funny. An example might be Monty Python fans and "Holy Grail" movie references.

The reason I am hoping it's the Rick James fans, it's actually something I think we can all get behind. You see, if the Rick James fans drove Chappelle over the edge, then there is hope for Larry The Cable Guy and that goddamn tag line, "GIT 'R DONE!"

In fact, I am kind if thrilled with the idea that Larry's fans are driving him over the edge 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just an endless barage of fat, greasy, degenerate, unwashed guys named Randy with the smell of stale beer and cigarettes on their breath are coming up to Larry and barking out, "GIT 'R DONE!" right to his face. On the street, in the restroom, at a truck stop during a glory hole experience, anywhere and everywhere. Right up to the point Larry the Cable Guy looses it and goes on a shooting rampage at Dollywood. At that point, we all win.

The down side to this dream is that other people I find funny would also be terrorized. Doug Stanhope is starting to face a torrent of "Show me where babies feed" comments. The good news is that this might lead to an occasional flashing of tits where women show Doug where babies feed and I really don't see that as being a living nightmare.

Now surely you see all of this as just a pipe dream of mine. After all, it would be pretty contrived if the fans of one comedy bit could drive a guy around the bend. However, I would like to point out that Rick James himself died after this bit came out. I would like to think it was a combination of pills and fans coming up to him and blurting out, OMMIGOD, HEY, I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!" that finally did in poor Rick.

Either way, I wish Dave the best of luck and for a speedy recovery.

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