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What The Heck Did I Do?

March 23, 2005

I was looking for someone's name in google and ran across the google groups thing where all of the posts I ever made and many of you ever made in newsgroups has been archived.

I typed in my name to see what would pop up and I came up with this little gem:


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 Mar 11 1995, 6:39 am     show options

It is of interest to me to have the name and address of the individual or individuals behind the Internet Access point identified as

                           NORTHWEST NEXUS INC.

More specifically I would like to be able to direct the appropriate member/s of the local police department to the individual identifying himself as "Wally Glenn" who from time to time does log onto this particular reading section, an individual also identified as:


Any and all help you can offer would be appreciated.

Edward J Barr /

It was just over ten years ago, so the statute of limitations has expired.

I vaguely remember something happened, but I cannot remember what it was. I didn't do anything criminal. I'm sure I said something to piss him off. I guess I am known for that.

It might be fun to contact him and ask "Hey Ed, I just ran across this. What's up?"

Or maybe not. Some people carry grudges.

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