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I LOVE This Personal Ad

May 05, 2005

I ran across this personal ad on Craigslist. The ad has expired, but I just found it to be so funny I had to post it. It's from a woman looking for a vegan boy who likes to hunt.

How contrived can you get?

I actually took it upon myself to post this ad on pro-hunting and pro-vegan Web sites just to see if I can help her out.

It's too bad the ad has expired because I really want to know if she ever found a vegan boy that likes to work on diesel engines, hunt and cook. You have to think that even in a town like Seattle, the number of available vegan boys that hunt has to be pretty small.

fireball seeks... - 25
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Date: 2004-01-18, 9:40AM PST

beautiful artist boy boy to make me vegan breafasts. i'm hardworking, talented, eccentric and would like the same to help me put a diesel engine in my old truck, make art, make love, snuggle, start a coop, go see art films, hike, camp, maybe even fish and hunt. i want a parnter, coadventurer, friend. don't need to be your one and only but i'd like something with main squeeze potential. i tend to gravitate towards skater boys, punks, musicians and never loved a jock, and am sick as hell of people saying "i like to window shop and go to hollywood movies".

the boys i like don't read craigslist personals, i think, but i felt like putting the call out there anyway.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests this is in or around seattle

I wonder if she ever had any luck?

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