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Yay, I'm Gonna Be Rich!

April 30, 2005

So I am pumping gas at a supermarket gas station thing. I pay for the gas, I go to pump and out of nowhere the 50 year old female attendant comes up to me and says, "Hey, would you be interested in making some money on the side?"

I'm thinking she wants to use the Suburban I am pumping gas into at the time. Perhaps she needs something moved. Or she finds me to be dead sexy. If you keep your mind open, anything can happen. You can be propositioned by a 50 year old female gas station attendant. All you have to do is dream.

"Sure" I say, "what do you have in mind?"

"Are you married?" she asks.

Oh this is good, I think to myself. She doesn't want me to haul something in the Suburban, she wants me. "No, I'm single", I say. I know married guys are way more alluring, but I'm playing the truth angle here just to see what she has in mind.

"Are you into computers?" she asks.

"Yes, I am", I reply.

"Well, I am doing this new business where I work from home on a computer with a Web site."

"Wow, that's what I do right now. I build Web sites for people." I say. Boy, I think to myself. I might be picking up a Web dev job at a gas station.

"I am working with this kid named Ken. He's super smart. He has this program where you can make a bunch of money in no time. It can be a full-time gig with only a few hours of work a week."

All I can think of is how well this must be paying off for her, since she is working as a cashier at a gas station. But I'm intrigued to see what the scam is."

So she asks me for my phone number and I give it to her. I don't know why, but I do. I know it's a scam, but I want to know what is causing her to come proposition me for a job at a gas station where she is most certainly endangering her future employment by propositioning customers in this way.

Her job in the scam is to be the lead generator. She makes money by sucking people in. Ken is the closer. He's the smart as nails guy that will give me a pitch that is so amazing, I will not be able to believe the potential results.

The problem with these scams is that if you could make all this money, the person would be doing all the work themselves and hiring others to help with the work. In America, we call this a business. It has a boss, employees and a mission of some sort which revolves around the idea of exchanging goods for money. I have a bauble. You buy the bauble. I make a buck. If you have really good baubles, you sell enough of them to hire others to assist you in the selling of the baubles.

Actually, I know why I gave her my number. I did it for two reasons. One, I want to know about the scam. Two, I needed air for my tire and instead of paying 50 cents for the air compressor, I decide to see if she'll turn it on for free.

She gladly turns it on for free saving me 50 cents and giving me a chance to mentally mess with a man named Ken at a future date, which will lead to a new story to tell.

Life can be good.

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