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April 18, 2005

Do you use drugs or do illegal consensual activities? Wally has a strange interest in this subject and he has created an anonymous survey which he is asking people to fill out. Help us out and take the survey.

This survey is in no means judgemental. We don't care who you are, we have no agenda, we just want people to answer a few questions.

Name *:
This is the only required field & you can make one up.



Where did you hear about us?:

The Dirt:

Feel free to tell us anything you want. For instance, what you paid for a hit of ecstasy, a tab of acid, a gram of meth, a 1/8 of fine pot, if you visited a prostitute, anything. We just want to know. We don't have any other agenda.

Thanks for helping us out.


When you click on the form, it will take you to our prank page. Because I'm lazy and I need to create something to come back here.

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