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Working at Arby's

April 10, 2005

How does one end up working for Arby's?

Or for that matter Dairy Queen, KFC, Der Weinerschnitzel or a half dozen other of the smaller fast food chains that dot across the United States. Each one has employees, each operation seems to feature less than ideal working conditions.

I came up with this question when I was sitting at a light and noticed a very dingy, run-down looking Arby's on the corner. Perhaps dingy Arby's is not a fair description since I have driven by many in my day and I have never thought it was a clean, comfortable place I would choose to spend my fast food dollar at in the first place. On the same block was a Mc Donald's, a Subway was just down the street, a Jack-In-The-Box was just one block away. All of them have one thing in common, they seem clean, updated as if the branding idea and the equipment was conceived sometime in the last 20 years.

It's not like the major fast food chains have a league system like Major League Baseball where you have to work at an Arby's before you can make it to the Big House. There are Help Wanted signs in front of every fast food place I passed, except curiously enough, the Arby's. I have never heard of the fantastic retirement benefits when working at the big hat. You don't hear people speaking fondly of Arby's as if the dining experience is one you never forget.

How does one decide that their profession is sandwich artist and their medium of choice is roast beef?

If you have an answer, let me know.

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