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Is the bar...haunted?

July 02, 2004

So last night the manager says goodbye to me in my office and tells me I am the last one out. I lock up the office around 3:30 AM and I head off to my car. I look into the bar from the window and I see someone moving behind the bar.

I look for a while because the manager told me almost an hour ago that I was the last one in the building.

Yet I see a woman behind he bar about as tall as the manager with long brown hair, wearing mostly dark clothing walking back and forth. I get the distinct feeling there is two people at the bar. As I am walking away, I figure it's the manager.

Then I realize it's the wrong body shape.

Just to be sure I decide to go back and check things out. So I quietly walk around to the back door, unlock it and I quietly walk through. I hear a soft female voice talking to someone at the other end of the bar. It's far enough away that any voice is muffled. Just in case someone is in the room, I dial 9-1-1 on my cell with my finger on SEND in case it is someone I don't know. Running into someone who is in a bar that is closed is not something I want to handle when I am alone.

So I check the bar.
It's empty.

I check the keg room.

I check the shop.

I check the stairs.

The bathrooms are empty.

Right now I am feeling very creeped out.

Someone was in the bar. I know it. I saw them. I checked every space someone could hide. There was no way to get out easily or quietly.

Unless that someone was a ghost.

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