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A little Bleu prank

June 11, 2004

So I am in this cute, trendy little bistro in Seattle called Bleu on Broadway. It's looks like someone decorated the entire place by shopping at Pier 1 Imports complete with the wicker, laid out a 20 table place, dumped it into a storefront 1/4 the size needed, then shook it up like a boggle game until it sort of looked right.

I'm waiting for a dinner date to show up. She's not there, so I pop off to the bathroom to make a call. Each bathroom is unisex and looks like someone decorated a bathroom on a 737 in wicker, then put it in the bar. It's tiny, but less noisy than the bar or the street. So I call, I find out she switched to a new venue and is waiting for me next door.

So while I am talking to her, I notice that the broom closet has one of those combination locks on the door that you can adjust.

And it's unlocked.

So I change the combination from 4-5-6 to 1-1-1 and put the lock back on the broom closet, then close it and spin the numbers back to 4-5-6.

I then took a fine tipped Sharpie and wrote on the hasp, "TRY 1-1-1" to give them a clue, walked out of the place and had a good laugh next door.

The brilliant part is that all the person has to do is look at the hasp next to the lock and the combo is there in well, 12 point type. But it's there.

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