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Mac restart rumor prank

December 04, 2004

So I was helping someone with a Mac that was running Mac OS 9 and OS X and crashing on restart. They wanted to find a way to force the computer to restart in OS X.

I told them the usual, restart and zap the parameter RAM COMMAND+OPTION+P+R, then hold down the option key to select a startup drive.

I also suggested to restart and hold down the shift key to restart into "safe mode"

Then I thought I would add a little fun to their lives.

I told them that if they restart their Mac and type e+i+e+i+o repeatedly, the Mac will play, "Old McDonald Had a Farm". To give this prank a little believability, I added other details to make it seem plausable. I went on to say that on older G3's it used to play a QuickTime Movie as well, but that may not work anymore in 10.3, the latest OS.

They actually gave it a try!

They couldn't get this to work, so I told them they have to type it faster...

I'm going to push this as a rumor to see if it catches on.

Pranks like this is what makes my life grand.

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