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Humorous thoughts on the war

December 29, 2003

Lately I have been thinking about the war in Iraq and the forgotten war in Afghanistan as many of you have as well.

I have been running the details of the war in my mind. This war is very frustrating for Americans and our allies. Especially the ones that have sent troops and aid to both countries. We are hopelessly bogged down in each conflict, good people are dying on all sides and there is no end in sight.

Then I realized something that perhaps I shouldn't share, but what the hell.

You know who must be secretly laughing at all of this?

Veterans of the North Vietnamese Army.

Remember how we bombed the shit out of them with clearly superior armor, weapons and we still lost? You have top think that if any of them are following the war and thinking back a few decades to their own plight, I would have to assume they would get a little laugh out of the fact we don't learn our lessons very well.

I'm hoping that some good can come out of both conflicts and that both countries will end up very soon with a stable representational government that is elected by the majority of the people in the country and not appointed by another nation. Then some good could come out of all of this.

On a related note, an acquaintance who is a Brit told me she was very disappointed that no American asked her this year how they celebrate the Fourth of July in England. It was the first time in 10 years. She greatly enjoys telling clueless people who ask such a question that like many countries, the UK is not fond of celebrating wars they lost.

Most of the time, the people who were clueless enough to not understand their own history do not understand her response to the question.

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