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Personality Tests: Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Personality Test

Cereal Shapes

Those little cereal shapes that are not even marshmallows, which is why the cereal exists in the first place. If you prefer these little bits of boredom, you probably don't like sex or having fun in the first place and shouldn't be visiting Planet Wally. People who prefer the cereal usually become accountants, Internal Revenue Service auditors, librarians who work at the reference desk, or low lever government bureaucrats that stagnate in a dead-end position.

People who like the cereal part of Lucky Charms like to cruise the Web looking to pick fights, protest Web sites that are in your opinion indecent, and in general have unfulfilled needs and desires. There is a good chance that you re-order checks you go for the plain ones because they are sensible.

Lucky Charms

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