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Personality Tests: Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Personality Test

Purple Horseshoes

Purple Horseshoes

If those purple horseshoes are your thing, your tastes run modern, uninhibited, and slightly warped. Variety is the spice of life and you live for it in the bedroom, especially when you can include handcuffs, chains, swingsets, and chocolate pudding. Be careful when going out on a picnic with anyone who likes purple horseshoes—she's/he's likely to pin you down with croquet hoops when you're not looking and who knows what could happen next? Certainley something fun, that is for sure.

Purple people respond in bed like they owe you money, but only if they are into it themselves. They have a tendency to change their minds as fast as they change their underwear. If you hang out with a purple person for any amount of time you quickly see how fast this can happen.

Lucky Charms

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