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Personality Tests: Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Personality Test

Yellow Moons

If you're the yellow moon type, you're more interested in satisfying your partner's needs than your own. You prefer to lie back and wait for your partner to jump on you and express her/his needs verbally or non-verbally.

Yellow people have considered voicing their displeasure with being a doormat, but they do not want to hurt their partners feelings, and gee whiz, the partner looked so into it they hated to spoil all of their fun. Basicly yellows never express their feelings for the one they really want, and end up unsatisfied with whatever comes along.

People who like yellow moons usually own several pairs of handcuffs and other instruments of kinky sex just in case someone should ever want to tie them up and ravish them. Yellows are advised to keep their eyes open for anyone who eats all the purple horseshoes out as soon as they open the box.

Lucky Charms

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