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Corruption Test

This test is to see how low on the evolutionary scale one would have to troll before dragging your butt out of the primordial ooze. Click on the checkbox for everything you have done. Please be honest.

This test does not mean you are a corrupt person, but if you sense that you are getting too high of score, you might want to consider a career in politics.

Have you ever:

  1. Laughed at someone else's misfortune?
  2. Laughed at a physically or mentally handicapped person?
  3. Tried alcohol?
    Been drunk?
  4. Played drinking games?
  5. Been drunk to the point you have fallen down?
  6. Consumed so much alcohol that you threw up?
    Been so drunk you threw up on yourself or on another person?
  7. Consumed so much alcohol that the next day when you woke up, you couldn't remember what you did the night before?
  8. Been forceably removed from a bar?
  9. Participated in and finished a pub crawl?

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