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Wide World of Pranks: Trades

Crab Pot Pranks

I was watching "The Deadliest Catch" which is a documentary on Alaskan king crab fisherman. The job is high stress, high risk and considered one of the deadliest jobs in the world. While watching the show, I saw a few really great pranks.

One of the crab boats, "The Northwestern" found a crab pot owned by a competing boat. Each crab pot is marked with information identifying the owner. This pot was owned by a boat called "the Cornelia Marie". The two boat captains have a long history of pulling pranks and this is a review of two of them.

The Northwestern pulled a crab pot up from the Cornelia Marie and welded the metal door shut. In order to get the crab out of the pot, they had to break the welds just to open the door to get the crabs out.

In retaliation, the Cornelia Marie just happened to stumble across a pot owned by the Northwestern. They pulled the pot, filled the inside with some of their garbage and put the crab pot back into the water. In addition, they put a 10 foot length of pipe over the rope used to pull the crab pot up on the boat so that the winch used to pull up the pot would jam when it hit the pipe. It took them 45 minutes to figure out how to winch up the 400 lb pot onto the deck.

Most king crab pots used in Alaska are usually 7' x 7' x 3' high and can weigh 400-600 lb depending on the amount of steel rod used in the frame. Each crab pot can cost from $1,000-$4,000 each and can generate thousands of dollars when the pot is full of king crab.

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