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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Drive Thru Revenge

Have you ever gone through a drive-thru only to have your order messed up? It's not a hard thing to happen. I mean think about it, who sets their life goal to wear a name tag and work at a drafty window all day?

Some people are reluctant to go through the drive-thru line again for fear the staff might spit in their food, or worse. Generally, you go through the line a second time and you end up with a burger that they scraped off the offending sauce or added the cheese, then hand it back to you. By this time the fries are cold, your drink is partially consumed and things are not to your satisfaction.

So I came up with a fool-proof way to make sure you can get your order corrected and mess with the people in the window at the same time.

First off, swing your car around the building and get back in line. Again.

When you get up to the order window, you need to be as happy and upbeat as possible. Do not mention they messed up your order. Just be pleasant, clear and order your replacement meal. Chances are you will not even talk to the same person again since a lot of drive thu places have two or three people taking orders.

Then when you come up to the window and the cashier says, "That will be $4.79" you hand back your entire order, drink and all and say, "you messed up my earlier order. I clearly ordered it without mayo. I am ordering my replacement."

You can clearly see your original order. Nobody can mess with it now without you knowing. The cashier will look all flummoxed because chances are they will have to back the order out of the system and they can't do it without a manager's approval. The manager will come up, hand you the replacement order and then you drive off with the thing you originally ordered with hot fries, a cool drink, your burger done right and a smile on your face.

This works every time.

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