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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Ziplock Bags Make Excellent Water Balloons

Recently I was in a pinch. I needed a water balloon, but I didn't have one anywhere. I looked for a last minute alternative when I decided to try a Ziplock Bag.

I found that the results were amazing. Not only do Ziplock Bags hold up better than a water balloon, but they fill easier and they don't burst when you fill them.

The wider mouth allows you to try things you never would have considered before. Like Ketchup or even Coca-Cola. The mind boggles at the prank possibilities.

The Ziplock bags tend to split along the seam when they are dropped from a decent height. They do not have any bounce to them and do not explode with quite the same power as a water balloon, but in a pinch, they work just fine.

Ziplock bags also come in all sorts of sizes from gallon, two gallon or small snack size.

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