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Wide World of Pranks: Evil Pranks

Bungie Jumping & Drunk People

It seems that "Dave" (not his real name) was having some back problems. He was treating it with plenty of pain killers and alcohol. Perhaps not the best way to treat a back problem and not the best combination to consume when at a party full of drunken friends bent on pranking.

The alcohol and the pain killers took over and Dave passed out cold to the world. If you shook him, he would wake up, but otherwise he was dead to the world.

A hard passed-out friend at a party full of young, drunk men is about as smart as chumming shark-infested water with blood and going for a swim. Something bad was going to happen and that bad thing came up when the homeowner, wondering how they could mess with Dave remembered he had bungie jumping gear in the garage.

Worse, there was a bridge nearby.

Worse, they were inspired.

Picking up Dave was pretty easy. He would wake up briefly, look around and pass out. So they carefully picked up up, carried him a few blocks to the bridge, then tied the bungie gear to his ankles. They then carefully secured the rope to the bridge, laid out the rope so it would not snag anything, then stood Dave up on the railing and attempted to wake him up.

"DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!!" they shouted as they shook him awake. He woke up with a start. "Huh? Eh wha, what??"

"Think Fast!" they shouted and pushed him over the railing.

Dave went from asleep to wide awake and dangling upside down 20 feet below a bridge in just under 10 seconds.

My friends, do not attempt to pull this prank. Just laugh at the possibilities the next time you're at a party and someone passes out cold.

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