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Wide World of Pranks: Cars & Trucks

Stretch Wrap a Car

Many of you have probably faced this same dilemma. What do you do when you have finished moving and you have the final bit of a roll of stretch wrap?

The answer is easy. You stretch wrap the car of someone that isn't looking. or maybe they just shoved a pizza in your tailpipe. There's lots of reasons.

If considering a prank like this, the stretch wrap used in moving or wrapping pallets works the best. You can use Saran Wrap in a pinch, but chances are you will end up using at least three large rolls to get a really good effect. With a roll of moving stretch wrap, you can have a car cocooned in a protective layer of stretch wrap in about 10 minutes. Without scissors or a box knife, I would say that it would take someone about 2 hours to get into the car once it is fully wrapped.

Josh Brown got off lucky.

stretch wrapped subaru

A roll of stretch wrap runs about $25.00 and gives you enough to do multiple cars. Two people works out the best if you want to wrap the car from side to side insteadof end to end. You pull out some extra wrap, pass it under the car, then go over the top. This is far more difficult to clean up than wrapping from front to back. Alternating between the two methods cocoons the car very well.

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