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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

School Pranks for April 1st

I have been asked for a prank that might be simple and easy by lots of people in school. I am thinking overtime on this and so far this is what I have come up with.

Glue all the locks

Depending on how you do this, it could be a little destructive.

A few drops of Krazy Glue on the dial of a combination lock for a locker would stop the dial from spinning. One person or a small team of people could easily glue shut a wall of lockers in a few minutes.

Krazy Glue or Elmers in a key lock is a different story.

If you were to glue a padlock, like a Master Lock, the glue will harden and dry inside the key slot making it very hard to get out. With Elmers, it is not impossible. Soaking the lock in water will loosen the glue so it can come out. WIth Krazy Glue, you might destroy the lock.

So if tonight, some errant kids went and glued all the locks around the exterior of the school building, school would still happen, but the Principal or whomever unlocks the place will be mighty displeased.

Someone e-mailed me claiming that this caused thousands of dollars in damage and that the pranksters were arrested. So perhaps I should add that if you are seriously considering this or any other prank, make sure you have a lookout. Also, keep an eye out for video cameras. If they exist, you need to figure out a way to prank without getting caught.

Tires Over The Flag Pole

This prank was done previously at a High School in New Mexico. The students used climbing gear for safety and managed to get 80 old tires over the top of the flag pole.

The problem was that the steel belted cords on the tires, plus all the weight made it nearly impossible to take the tires off the pole. So the school had to unbolt the flag pole and tilt it on its side to allow the tires to be removed.

Add "The Clapper" to a vending machine.

Several years ago there was a device sold in stores called, "The Clapper". Once installed, it allowed you to clap loudly and turn on or off an appliance. They advertised the device using a lamp and a TV.

Imagine installing this device in a computer lab or on a vending machine (check to make sure the Clapper can handle the amps) or any device at a school where people walking by and clapping might make for a bit of fun humor.

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