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Wide World of Pranks: Phone Pranks

Grease the Phone Receiver

Place Vaseline or the wonder food we call butter on the ear piece of a telephone receiver.

In a pinch, you can use first aid cream, which is just Vaseline with more anti fungal additives. Think of it this way, you might be helping someone to heal a cut they didn't know they had on their ear.

Personally, I never use a public phone anymore. I rarely use any phone without looking at the receiver for ear grease. I find it rather disgusting how dirty they can be. Which is why I got a cell phone.

Talking about cell phones, this is a perfect prank for an unattended cell phone. Just a little butter, some Neosporin or a little dab of Vaseline. It's amazing how few people really take the time to look at their cell phone before they put it up against their ear.

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