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A young man is invited to dinner to meet the parents of his girlfriend he has been seeing for quite sometime and naturally he is a bit nervous. So nervous that by the time he reaches their home he is suffering from some severe gastric distress and couldn't stop flatulating.

They invite him in to talk in the living room. He manages to control his bowels until the family dog jumps up to greet him and despite his best efforts, he accidentally farts.

"Buffy! Come here!" The mother calls out to the dog. The young man feels quite a bit of relief that the family thinks the dog is to blame. "Oh don't worry," the man says, "I like dogs," and continues to scratch the dog on the head and lets another one go.

"Buffy! Come here now!" The mother yells at the dog.

The family moves to the dining room and sits down to eat and Buffy sits down next to her new pal.

Smiling to himself, the young man feels he has it made and decides to relieve himself with a really big one.

"BUFFY!!!" shrieked the mother. "Get over here before that man shits on you!"